Wedding Updates--Because I Know You're Dying to Know...

Tim and I just put the deposit down on our reception hall. You can check it out here if you want! It's beautiful, kind of rustic, and totally says "fall" to me. I'm very excited about having that one thing done. It's a little thing, but a HUGE thing at the same time. I don't understand why the Christian Church has such a problem with dancing, but they do. It's frustrating to me because I would love to have the reception here, but it's our wedding, we're only doing this once, and I want to dance with my new husband to sway, the first song we danced to right when we started dating. I want to do the father-daughter dance with my stepdad and have something for the people that have come all this way to our wedding to do while we're getting our pictures taken and all that fun stuff. (yes, maybe even the chicken dance)

So anyway, until I understand why exactly it is that the church doesn't allow dancing at wedding receptions, I will pay the money to get married at this beautiful place right here in Bloomington. (And if anyone knows the reason behind why that isn't allowed that actually makes sense Biblically, I'd be more that open to listening to it!)

So, the reception hall is booked. We have an appointment with a photographer on the 29th that has come highly recommended by more than one person. Flowers, dresses, and all that other stuff will just have to wait. We're meeting with the lady that does our food here at the church sometime next week and I've also emailed another lady here in town that is a member here and does some catering. So, that should be interesting.

Getting married isn't cheap. It's a good thing we're only doing this once and we have a year to figure it all out...or, more accurately, we have 311 days! Yay the knot having a countdown and checklists and everything else we need! I'm planning on sending out "save the date" cards with my Christmas cards--we just have to get a picture that we both like and get it printed.

Yay weddings. Yay being in love. Even Yay feeling a bit overwhelmed by the whole planning thing. Yay Tim. Yay Emily. Yay Us. :) :) :)


  1. yay for fighting the power and dancing at your wedding.

    i totally wish we would've. but we had an evening wedding, and it would've been expensive, and we wanted to get the hell outta there.

  2. Anonymous11:58 AM

    Dancing is fun. Good choice on having a seperate reception. Are you still getting married at the church? Here's the thing that kills me...paying to get married at the church you belong too. Grumble. That's a new trend and one i am not at all fond of.

    PS Did you try on any lace up dresses? If i ever get around to posting jj's wedding photos i'll send you the link so you can see how awesome her dress fit her. She's a 34G and didn't have to wear a bra or have any alterations on the top because she just cinched it right underneath and it held her in. Saved her money in the long run considering undergarments are expensive and so are alterations.

  3. aubrey,
    I just sent you an email :) Gotta love Christmas at the church! Yeah, getting married here. The worship center is crazy huge, but i've seen a lot of weddings that have done a good job of making it feel small and intimate even though it can seat almost 1500!