Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I've always been scared of getting this disease, and then I found out my mother had it. Suddenly it was more than a possibility in my life, it was a reality. Since then I have read a lot, researched a lot, cried a lot, and decided that there has to be something I can do. I cannot do a lot, but I wear my pink bracelet and I wear the ribbon my mom gave me and I will support The Komen Foundation and everything they do to erradicate breast cancer. Current statistics say that one in eight women will get breast cancer throughout their life. Having a family history of the disease only increases that statistic slightly. Think about it. My guess is you know eight women. Have eight women friends. One of you will probably be faced with breast cancer in her lifetime. And yes, there is even a chance that the men in your life will get the disease. We can all do our part. If your workplace is part of the "Lee Denim Day" please support the Komen foundation by wearing jeans and paying the $5 on Friday (October 7). If your workplace does not participate, suggest they do next year. Do something. Make a difference. My mom is one of the lucky ones. She caught it early and she's doing well. Her cancer is in remission. Please do something.

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