A Rant In Response

Now that I have the oven mitt rant out of my head, here are some real thoughts. I think I am a fairly kind a gracious person. I laugh a lot and enjoy my life. I think I am patient with people (not as patient as I COULD be, but more than I used to be) and that I do my best at my job consistently. Therefore, it really bothers me when people use veiled allegory and comments to demean me and my job. I know most of the time they probably don't mean it or don't know what they are saying, but it still pisses me off. While I laugh at most of a certain person's comments, she has still really bothered me...telling me she's 'more than JUST a secretary' when I was a secretary, belittling my relationship by wondering how anyone can be in love because she's not in love, looking for pity everywhere she goes...I usually just laugh it off. (mostly because I don't think she understands at all what she says)

However, reading her blog today just bothered me. She likes to put all the blame on her performance here on the fact that they took the publications from her (and gave them to me) and they never used her skills and never gave her authority, blah blah blah...

Honey, those are things you have to EARN--they don't just get dropped in your lap. When you don't do the job you're given well, how do you expect them to give you more authority? When words are constantly misspelled on slides for 3000 people to read and important events are tainted because words are wrong and slides are missing, how can you expect to be given more authority. The funny thing is I interviewed for the very job she got, and I knew from that first interview that my responsibilities would be primarily admin assistant, not 50% (or more) publications. She never seemed to get that, though.

What bothers me the most is that she thinks her bosses were bad bosses. Sure, they're not perfect, but they didn't expect much from her--to show up, do the tasks to which she was assigned, and do them to the best of her ability. She may have talked to our personnel guy several times, but they talked to her just as often. They did what they could to help and it didn't get better. Don't go blaming everything on them.

Anyway, I was just rubbed the wrong way this morning...

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