Post Secret

I've been trying to find the words to write about this site for awhile now, but they never seem to be sufficient enough. There is so much loneliness and so much sadness on each of the postcards. Some make me want to cry for all the lost innocence that people have endured throughout their lives. Some make me laugh because of their honesty and some make me fear for the anonymous lives that are in the balance. There is something so dark and so real and so...human about what I see on the site. I just read them, not to be a voyeur, but to understand more of the human condition and the pain that so many of us feel.

There are times when the postcards hit a little too close to home - as if someone is reading my thoughts and speaking out loud the hidden parts of my soul. There are times when I just don't understand what would make someone do something like that and times when I wonder if there is enough joy in the world to compensate for all the evil and all the hurt.

I applaud every soul brave enough to be bared on PostSecret. There is something to beautiful about being willing to be real. I hope those that are searching find their answers and that those that are lost find their way. I hope and pray for the depth and peach and love so many seem to need so much.

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  1. Anonymous2:35 PM

    Hey em,
    it's aubrey. Do you know if phil left an email or phone # to get ahold of him at?