On a Lighter Note

Wow, this blog has gotten serious in the last several weeks--I guess that's just where my life is right now. While I still have a lot on my mind and am still struggling with some stuff, I thought I would lighten the mood a little bit. Here are some random snippets of my dreams from the last several nights...

Liz found a super cool pair of baby blue silk pj bottoms with bright yellow rubber duckies on them and uttered her trademark "shut your face!" (I would like to point out that I don't think I have ever actually been SAYING anything when I was the recipient of this comment!)

I was at the pet store in the mall looking at fish (the last place I would probably ever really buy a fish). Suddenly, across the aisle, there was a huge Old Navy with all of their "Finding Nemo" giant stuffed animals on sale. Now, does Old Navy really sell giant "Finding Nemo" stuffed animals? I think not... ANYWAY...I run across to look at them and a man with a giant monkey puppet attacks me!

Tom, our Senior minister at SOCC, gave the sermon from last Sunday (which was titled "Dear Abba, Why Do You Allow Evil to Exist") while wearing a clown costume circa 1975.

A runaway dumpster wrecks havoc in the parking lot at church while we are inside rehearsing a drama that has something to do with all my time in CSF. No fewer than 8 cars are totally demolished by the errant dumpster.

Back at the pet store, I can't find a fish I like, but I leave with a yummy chef salad...

Tim breaks an aquarium to get a fish he likes, but then the fish bites his nose and he crashes into a display of horrid smelling candles, which clears out the mall.

Those are the funny ones, anyway. I've had some sad dreams this week, as well, but those will wait for a later time...anyway, those are just the snippets I remember at 9:11 a.m. I seriously would be entertained to spend some time with a 'dream expert' because I'm pretty sure the only diagnosis they would give me is that I'm just plain crazy. Oh well...I hope something above made you smile. I'm sure there's another 'deep' blog forming...in fact, I'm positive. Maybe tomorrow...or later today...

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