Random emails to myself. I wrote this to myself about a year ago, just to have it...now I share it with you :)

I don't know that this is an email that anyone will read, but it somehow
feels better to write it all out and just listen to the beautiful music
playing in my ears. It's amazing to me how simply beautiful life can be
sometimes--how, amid the craziness and the busyness, there is a quiet
simplicity that reminds us how fragile life is, how short our time here is,
and just how much we should try and accomplish before the sun sets on an
another amazing moment in the history of God. Dark and dreary as the world
sometimes is, there is an eerie silence that comes with understanding just
how gloriously insignificant and meaningful we all are. There is a moment,
however fleeting, when we realize that all we have is this time and all we
can do is embrace the beauty of the world around us with the understanding
that when we close our eyes, all that is left is the memory.

i don't know that we ever really understand the significance of memories
until the immediate action is gone--when we are alone, we realize how much
we need people. when we are scared, we realize how important a hug, a
touch, or a kiss really is. When we feel like we have nothing left to give,
we realize we have everything at our fingertips, we just can't see it and
don't really believe it.

It is at this moment when we find the strength and courage to face the
world. It is at this moment when the secret desires of our heart become the
very reasons we try and make life work. It is when we realize how much love
there is in the world that we want nothing more than to give that love to
someone else. It is when we realize we can do anything that we want to do
everything and nothing all at once. It is when we're standing still that we
long to move. It is when we are running crazy that we seek solitude. It is
when we are scared that we find out just how much bravery is locked inside
our bones.

It is when we realize that love is all we need that we realize it's all
we've ever really known.

I don't seek to be profound; I don't long to immortalize the legacy of my
words for all time; it is only that at some moment I realized that the
million things going on in my heart were not being addressed and that the
truth was being stifled by my fear...

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