A is for Adeline

Note: I've decided to write a short story for the A to Z challenge. I need to use my creative juices a little more these days. So, for the A-Z posts, you will get to meet Adeline, my fictional teen narrator.
For years, I was convinced that my mother just mis-spoke when she named me. I mean, what kind of name is Adeline, anyway? Like Madeline without the M? And yes, before you ask, it's Adeline, like line, not Lynn.
Spend your spring break in another country, they said. It will be fun, they said. It will change your life, they said. So far, all it's done is take up an entire day standing in one line after another, getting passport photos taken, filling out forms, setting up bank accounts...this is not my idea of fun, even if it does get my out of Brookstone for awhile.
My parents still aren't sold on the idea of me leaving the country for a few weeks, even if I'm going with a group of people from school that they totally approve of. You know, parents, teachers - the people that suck the fun right out of every adventure. Yeah, they're all going on this trip. Along with the nerds and the popular kids. And me.
I'm not really a nerd (even though I love to read). And I'm not popular (even though I once was a cheerleader). I'm just me. Adeline Mckenzie Peabody. Completely normal. Completely average.
At least that's what I've always told myself.


  1. I like how you're talking through your characters. I will be following you throughout April.

  2. Love the part about her name. I'm looking forward to reading more.

  3. Come on, Adeline's not so bad. And you'll have fun on the trip.

    LOL, am I sounding like a parent? Sorry.

    Hi Emily! I'm a new follower stopping by from the A-Z. Great voice in your FF!

  4. I think Adeline is a lovely name - soft, gentle, mysterious ...
    What is the 'Emily' story?and where is the 'B' and 'C'?

  5. mmm oops got it - Adeline is yr fictional character ...
    Sorry Emily .. not unlike Adeline in some wway?

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  7. I really like the name, Adeline. I think you've really captured your character and her feelings well! Nice writing!

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    Arriving a bit late from AtoZ ;)

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