W is for Water

Some people love the mountains. Some people love the country. Some people love the city. Me, I love water. Oceans, rivers, lakes, streams...whatever. Being landlocked in Indiana makes my overwhelming love of the sand between my toes a little difficult sometimes, but that's okay. I still love water.

There is something about the waves crashing in and out that reminds me that I'm just one piece of a very big puzzle. There is something about standing there, looking out over the vast openness and realizing that I am insignificant (in a good way).

There was a moment on my cruise last November that I looked around and from the boat, I could see nothing but water anywhere. Our boat was the only visible thing anywhere. If there hadn't been people on the boat, I could have easily felt completely isolated. It was scary and wonderful all at the same time.

I love seeing the mountains and love the quiet of country nights. I love the busy city streets and lights. But my heart is at home when I'm near the water.

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