R is for Roots

I would love to know my genealogy. I would love to know my history; where I came from and what brought my family to where they are today. I would love to know my roots.  So, R is for Roots.

Roots are what bind us to the places we love.

I have Roots in Albion, where my family is and where I lived since I was a child.
I have Roots in Bloomington, which is now my home and the place where I got a real job, got married, bought a house and got a dog.
I have Roots in Oklahoma, even if they are shallow, because that is where I was born.
I have Roots in Michigan where part of my family was born and still calls home.
I have Roots in Texas where the doctors saved my life as an infant with spinal meningitis.
I have Roots in southern Indiana, where my husband is from, because his roots are there.

My roots have spread out to neighboring states and cities, and I feel like they are what hold me fast. Those roots nurtured me with love, taught me right from wrong, introduced me to Jesus, made me who I am. Those roots have loved me through sad times and danced in joy. Those roots have continued to grow and shape who I am.

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  1. I've been researching my family history for a memoir I'm working on. Fascinating stuff!

    (Those tree roots are amazing!)