O is for Optimism

Are you a glass half full or glass half empty kind of person? For me, it totally depends on the day and my mood (and the amount of sleep that I have had).

While I want to be a glass half full optimist, it's hard for me. I think my nature, for some reason, is more negative and more pessimistic. I have to try very hard to be an optimist. I have to focus my energy on being positive and upbeat when encountering resistance or unfamiliar situations. I have to work at seeing the good that is left instead of the bad that is gone.

I love optimists. I love people who see the world as full of possibility instead of full of disappointment. I love people who believe that the world is good. Anne Frank, in my opinion, was the eternal optimist. She was facing unbelievable darkness and chose to decide that there was still good in people. Sometimes I have to remind myself that if she could remain optimistic in that world there is no reason I can't remain optimistic in mine.

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  1. I'm definitely an optimistic person! I find that a positive outlook on life is more beneficial than a negative one:)
    Happy A-Zing!