G is for Giveaways

I enter A LOT of book giveaways. And, honestly, I win an okay amount. I have gotten some great books as a result, but I just enjoy entering, as well. One of my favorite giveaways happening right now is for Veronica Roth's Insurgent. Insurgent is the sequel to the stellar Divergent. If you haven't read it and enjoy dystopian books, I highly recommend getting a copy. NOW. It's that good.

The giveaways and support happening for Insurgent are pretty impressive. I have joined #TeamAmity. Amity is a faction of the Divergent Nation, and honestly, the one that I would most likely be if the entire thing really happened. I am more that type of person. So, check out the button on the right, read Divergent and joined the DIVERGENT NATION!

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