Stranger than Fiction

Have you seen "Stranger than Fiction"? This is one of my favorite movies, although not one I feel the urge to watch often. When I do watch it, however, it stirs my heart and mind and makes me feel more creative.

I remember being a little girl and thinking that I was the character in a book. I wondered if I would remember what happened that day, or if I would wake up tomorrow living someone else's life. Would I remember the things that made me smile? Made me cry? Made me wonder if this was something that was a product of someone else's imagination....something different.

Have you ever done that? Wandered through a portion of your own life and just felt like someone else had to be writing this stuff, because you wouldn't write a story like this...with these ups and downs, these laughs and tears...this world? I have, and as I got older, I realized someone else was helping to write my story, to guide my steps and lead me down a path that would twist and turn and ultimately lead me straight to Him.

I cannot talk about my life without talking about my faith. Here we are just a few weeks from Easter, and I'm lost in the wonder of the Author of all. Life really is stranger than fiction - because fiction is made up and contained within the pages of a book. You can close fiction and leave it on a shelf. But life, life is messy and crazy and strange and wonderful. And it is definitely being written, by our actions, by our thoughts, by our faith...and the ultimate Author is excitedly adding your story to His book.

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