This weekend I became convinced that we are prone to being on the receiving end of the "whatever can go wrong will go wrong" theory.  While no major things have gone wrong, there were enough little annoyances, inconveniences and stresses that I was actually looking forward to Monday coming!  It seems like that is always the story of our lives!  If there is a part missing in something, it will be in the one we buy (like the kitchen faucet - but who needs water in their kitchen anyway??), if there is something that can go wrong, chances are we've had to deal with it.  I'm accident prone, and it seems like things are always breaking, busting or being recalled!

I know this post is a little negative and bitter, but it was JUST. ONE. OF. THOSE. WEEKENDS.  I won't even go into all the details, because there is no point, but it just seemed to be one thing after another.  At least Tim and I were in it together and were able to vent, laugh and be sad about it together instead of AT each other!  There is a lot of ridiculousness in the world, and we were reminded of that again this weekend.

And then today, half of the building loses power, the library was packed and smelled funny, and my homework is just beyond crazy-annoying.  Seriously.  I haven't felt like this about a class since my freshman year of college.  I simply cannot wait for this class to be over!  SERIOUSLY.

I know this is a post full of gripes, but hey, it's my blog and i can gripe if I want to, gripe if I want to, gripe if I want to... HA!  The next post will be happier, I think!

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