I’ve always wanted to do something BIG for God. I want to make a difference in the world and empower women to do the same. I want to be big, because the God I follow is BIG. The desire to want to change the world for Him always leaves me feeling a little…lacking. Not because the dream isn’t big enough, but because I never thought of my life as being big enough.

I mean, look at the facts: I’m really, in the grand scheme of things, nobody. I am a young, quiet mid-western girl with no real connections. I don’t know anyone famous, and I don’t have plans to be famous. I can’t sing, am only an okay actress, and live a pretty un-extraordinary life. How could someone like me want to do something BIG for God?

And then, something hit me today. It’s the glimmer of a an idea that might be leading to something else…something more developed. The entire way to pick my brother up in Terre Haute, I was thinking this same thought – what if simply having another day to live makes my life extraordinary? What if being who I am, right where I am, means that I’m already leading an extraordinary life? What if, instead of waiting to do that BIG thing for God that will leave a mark, and make me feel extraordinary, simply being Emily is enough?

What if the extraordinary part of life is that we get to live it...not alone, but in community with others, and in relationship with God?  What if being extraordinary is hardwired into our DNA?

These are the thoughts that are forming themselves into the first serious writing project I've felt like undertaking in over a year.  These are the thoughts that are shaping into a story, and that story into something...well, extraordinary.

Are you ready to make your life extraordinary?

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