Life Finds A Way

I can take random movie and television quotes completely out of context with the best of them.  A couple nights ago, Jurassic Park was on TV.  (sidenote: I seriously still love this movie - so good).  We were at the point where Dr. Grant discovers that the amphibian DNA used to fill in the gaps in the dinosaur DNA has mutated.  With almost reverent awe, he sys, "life finds a way." 

Now, I should tell you I've seen this movie probably 50 times.  Seriously.  And read the book.  Twice.  And I've always glossed right over that line without thinking about it or contemplating it at all.  But the other night, that was completely different.  He muttered those four words, and I was stuck.  I missed the next 10 minutes of the movie while I sat there contemplating the significance of that statement:  Life finds a way.   What a true statement!

No matter how hard we try and put life in a box, it finds a way to move beyond our comfort zone.
No matter how hard we try and tell our life how everything is going to work out, it finds a way to change us.
No matter how much we try and stifle life, it finds a way to be organic and grow.
No matter how much we think we've got life figured out, it changes and changes and changes.
No matter what we think life will do, it does something different.

Life finds a way to keep changing, keep moving, keep going.  Our goal should always be to try and keep up!  Life is going to keep moving.  The clocks keep going forward and the days keep skipping ahead.  All we can do is go with it and be ready for anything...because life will find a way to change us, to challenge us, and to mold us.  Our life is but a moment in the grand scheme of all lives, but we will find a way, we must find a way, to make a change, make a difference and make our move.

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