Every Other Day...

...seems to be the blogging pattern I'm quickly falling into! (I had every intention of blogging last night, but it was already after 11 and I knew I had to be up around 5:45am). 

Saturdays are my favorite days.  It's the only day neither Tim or I have to work (99% of the time, anyway).  We do a lot around the house, but we also make a point to hang out together, even if it's just sitting there watching TV and relaxing.  Yesterday was super fun, but not relaxing at all.  Here is the quick list of what was accomplished:
  • downstairs floors swept and steam mopped (I want to kiss the person who invented the steam mop.  BEST INVENTION EVER).
  • went to see a movie (Limitless-a little violent, but super good.  I could use some NZT in my life somedays...without the freaky side effects)
  • Went to My Thai for lunch (favorite restaurant ever!)
  • Shopped at the new Dollar Store (seriously, it has frozen food...does your Dollar Store?)
  • Took a little nap (Yay for sleepy puppy in the afternoon)
  • Did five loads of laundry (seriously there are just two of us...where does it all come from??)
  • Folded four loads of laundry (the fifth one went into the dryer right before bed)
  • Watched some basketball (Go Butler!  Go South!)
  • Made dinner (orange chicken, pasta and veggies)
  • Went to the store when I realized we didn't have chicken for the orange chicken (whoops)
  • Took a quiz and finished an assignment for school
  • Talked to the lady doing my current Thirty-One catalog party (need anything??)
  • Chatted with my momma.
  • Cleaned out the fridge and washed down the shelves and drawers inside it (ewww...and our bottom two drawers are not the right size for the fridge.  What is up with that?)
  • Wrote a paper and re-wrote the supporting documentation for it (this class makes me crazy)
  • Fell into bed exhausted (wouldn't you?)
So, that was my Saturday in a nutshell.  Now it is 7:28am and I am at my desk at work.  I will be running sound in the Fellowship Hall here in a couple hours, but one car always seems to make more sense than two.  Today I'm looking forward to lunch (the soup is already in the crockpot), a nice long nap, working out, and catching up on some TV.  Sorry this post is so lame.  I'll work on something inspired soon :)

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