Blessed to be A Blessing

So, I got the official email, so I guess I can announce now - I'm going to Vegas, baby!  I recently got an email from a friend saying she had been invited to a Women of Faith event in Las Vegas, but would be unable to attend due to some family commitments.  She wondered if I would be interested in taking her place.  I was skeptical, but then read through the email - all expenses paid, including the event, hotel, meals, travel, etc.  All I had to do was show up and be willing to hear what God was saying.  No further obligations to Women of Faith or anything like that. 

It seemed too good to be true, so I was hesitant to believe it would really happen.  Still, I got the OK from Tim and emailed the woman in charge telling her I would love to go.  And, she said GREAT and asked for a few more details.  Then, Monday night I received my flight information and it suddenly felt very real!

Women of Faith has been one of my favorite events since I first started attending a couple years ago.  Being able to get away, just worship, and be a part of something that makes me feel like God is always up to something big in my life is refreshing.  It's not a conference about my job or how to do a better job at my job.  It's just a time to soak up truth, listen to amazing music, and just be real, and present for a couple days.

Surprisingly, I'm not worried about who my roommate will be or where I'll be staying.  I'm not overly concerned about that night after the conference that I'll be still in Vegas because getting back to Indy at a reasonable time on Saturday night wasn't possible.  Sure, I'll  miss my family and friends here, but I'm ready for this adventure.

I have no idea what God is going to do through this weekend.  I don't.  But, for some reason, part of me feels like this is going to be the start of something that may change my whole world.  I don't know why I feel that, but I do!  I'm excited to see what the weekend holds!
Just a few more weeks now and I'll be heading Over the Top with the fantastic people at Women of Faith, Las Vegas!

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