A Winter Wonderland

Spend much time around me, and you'll know that I am not a huge fan of winter.  Or snow.  Or being cold.  Or having to wear multiple layers to stay warm.  (Not that it applies right now, but I also don't like a lot of heat or sweating).  And, this winter in Bloomington seems to be snowier and colder than the ones I remember in recent history.  So, it stands to reason that I would be really unhappy this winter, right?

Well, a funny thing has happened in the last few snowfalls. I'm actually finding myself enjoying this winter more than I've enjoyed winter in recent years.  The snow is inconvenient and I still don't want to drive in it, but I'm finding the beauty in the snowflakes again.  Even today, as I watched the snow fall...and fall...and fall, I was surprised to find myself admiring the beauty out my office window and only dreading having to go out in it a little, instead of a lot.

There is a purity that only comes with the snowfall.  It covers the dirty streets and the fallen leaves that never got completely raked up (or is that just our yard?) and the dreary colorless leftovers of autumn.  It makes everything clean and pretty again. There could be anything hiding under the fresh white cover of snow, but we can't see it.  And, in that way, it is no wonder the Bible says,

“Come now, let us settle the matter,”

says the LORD.
“Though your sins are like scarlet,
they shall be as white as snow;
though they are red as crimson,
they shall be like wool." Isaiah 1:18

Think for a moment about everything that God could see on you; the darkness, the pain, the sin, the bad thoughts, frustration, anger and hurt; the way you lashed out in anger and frustration instead of with grace; the way you yelled at your neighbor instead of forgiving him; the way you judged someone instead of leaving the judgement to God and instead just loving them...

...we have to be pretty ugly to look at if you look from His eyes.  But then a moment happened, a sacrifice that would never be equaled or repeated, and God doesn't see the ugly, he only sees us as we should have been; pure, white, clean...His eyes look on us with love, and He chooses to let the blood of His son make us clean every time we make a mistake. 

So, instead of seeing the snow as just...snow...I see it as a reminder from my Father that He loves me and chooses to see the best in me.  He chooses to cover my sins with grace and the blood of Jesus turns my darkness into light.  Maybe all that pure white snow during winter isn't such a bad thing after all.

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  1. Karen7:05 PM

    Oh, my gosh, I LOVE this!! Post it on M.S.! I got chills. It really touched me.