Back to "Normal"

So I went back to work today.  After working only a couple days in the last couple weeks, it felt like the. longest. day.  It literally took me all day to get the piles on my desk and my email under control, much less get any quality work completed.  But, it is what it is.  I've come to expect the unexpected after almost 9 years in one company!

Getting back into the swing of things always takes me a few days.  My sleep schedule is off. My eating habits seem to involve a lot more chocolate, peppermint and coffee.  I have no desire to put on 'real' clothes and debate just how much trouble I'd get in for going to work in my sweats.  I would rather cuddle my sweet dog than sit in front of a computer. 

I also realized blogging is going to be harder if I have to sit at a computer all day and then try and blog.  Tomorrow I will try and get up and blog before work...we'll see how that goes :)

As part of my January goals, I am reading a bonafide non-fiction book - Rework, by the people that started a business called 37signals.  It's definitely not your normal 'how to start a business' book. (and no, I'm not planning on starting a new business).  It's funny, for one thing.  And the chapters are very short.  And it's pretty simple.  The whole premise of the book seems to be that people make things harder than they need to be, so why don't you make it simple instead.  That's something I can definitely get behind.

So, last night, I'm reading the chapters on interruptions and meetings and how both suck the life out of a business.  And, as I sat at my desk with a constant line of people coming in and out of my office, and at least three different meetings, I couldn't help but get a kick out of it.  Every time my momentum got going,someone or something would break my train of thought! 

And now it's 8:10 on a Tuesday night, and I am exhausted.  I am ready for bed, but I have a hot date with my Wii Fit.

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