Beautiful Music

I'm sitting here at my desk on another cold morning, thinking about the future and the past at the same time.  I was at the wedding of a dear friend from college this weekend.  The ceremony was beautiful, and I know Eric & Julie will have a great life together.  During the message part of the service, the minister spoke about the union of ordinary people to an extraordinary God.  He used a great analogy of the bow and violin.  While he spoke of marriage (one person is the bow and one person is the violin and together with the Master Violinist, they make beautiful music), I truly believe this analogy applies to our everyday lives, as well.

What he said that stuck with me the most was (and I'm paraphrasing here):  When the bow and violin body are combined to make beautiful music, no one says "what a great bow" or "what a great violin."  They say, "what a great violinist."  If we live our lives together in unity with God, it doesn't point towards us, but to the Violinist that is making something beautiful out of our otherwise ordinary lives.

It's a beautiful picture, isn't it?  And, it got me thinking a lot about my life and the music that is playing in and through me right now.  I feel like, in some ways, I've been stuck on the same song for awhile.  I think that goes hand-in-hand with what I wrote about yesterday - the desire to experience more.  I live a wonderful life.  And it's a comfortable life.  Sometimes I wonder if it's too comfortable!  Am I open to new experiences and adventures?  Am I willing to let the Violinist write a new song with my life?

Deep thoughts for an early Sunday morning...expect this theme to be revisited...

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