Things That Make Me Giggle

My puppy.  She's so excited when we come home, it's funny.  Her whole body shakes and she falls down for pets.  She just wants to hang out with us and be close to us - she takes a lot of attention and time, but I love her and how much joy she brings to our lives. 

That my husband watches "The Batchelor." For some reason, I find that silly.  But, sadly, he's also started to drag me into it.  I know the women's names this season (Shhhh...don't tell).  And I may actually care WHAT they do, too.  Strange, I know.

The sun.  It poked out for a few minutes this morning, and I even saw a little bit of a rainbow in the sky!  Sunshine makes EVERYTHING in my life seem better.  I think I have a little seasonal affective disorder - because I get the blues when the sun is gone too long.

Jillian & Bob from "The Biggest Loser."  The show itself always makes me inspired and a little emotional.  This season, however, they are cracking me up with their tag-teaming.  They seem to be having fun working together instead of against each other.

My brother is a riot.  Just hanging out with him always puts a smile on my face.

Getting enough sleep - almost makes me euphoric!

What makes you giggle?

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