Madison is Eight Months Old!

I can't believe our little Madi is already 8 months old!  Here is just a bit about her :)

  • Madison is still a ball of energy and all puppy.
  • She eats EVERYTHING on the floor she can get her mouth around, no matter how many times we tell her no!
  • She is expressive. She has a face for everything!
  • She's discovered her bark. She barks a lot at everything. It's kind of exhausting, but we're slowly convincing her every sound in the world isn't a bad sound.
  • She travels well. She survived Christmas travel to Tim's house and my house with nothing more than being VERY tired afterward.
  • She spent 3 days with my mom's dog. the first few moments were tense, but they got used to each other. they didn't play, per se, but they at least got along.
  • She sleeps in our bed now and has for about 2 months. it's an adjustment, but in the arctic cold, i'm glad she's with us.
  • She's 100% pad trained at home, but had a couple accidents during our christmas travels.
  • Her favorite game is "get the puppy." We chase her and she runs like crazy.
  • She LOVES treats of all kinds, but is happy with her RC dog food, as well.
  • She tolerates baths well enough, but HATES to have her nails clipped.
  • She loves to see us come home! Her whole body wags in greeting.
  • She loves to give kisses.
  • She now has the dining room and kitchen to roam when we're gone.
  • She's 7 lbs, but doesn't look it, and we think is almost done growing.
  • She has A LOT of hair!
  • She loves to cuddle with you and chew her bully.
  • She's starting to let Tim and I be on the computer without whining for attention.
  • She's a bundle of joy, and we love her!
I was surprised how much having a dog changed our lives, but now I can't imagine life without her!

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  1. Madison is a real joy. It has been fun watching up grow on Chihuahua People.