Almost a Month Already!

Well, it's been almost a month since we brought little Madison home to live with Tim and I. And, what a month it's been.

Here are some things I've learned since becoming a puppy mama.

Puppies are hard work.
Puppies are harder work than anyone will ever tell you.

Puppies are resilient.
Puppies aren't emotional like people.

Puppies live in the moment.
Puppies are smart and want to be loved.

Puppies change your whole life.

Having Madison here has been a great adventure. I have been stressed and concerned in ways that I did not expect. When I was talking to my mom the other day and she said she warned me that a puppy would change my life. To which I responded - yeah, but you didn't tell me HOW. I was only imagining the good things - the companionship, someone to cuddle, someone to love - not the stressing about what she's eating and when she last used the bathroom and what she does while we're gone...

...looking back, we kind of just decided to get a dog. I wanted a dog, but didn't know what that meant! I love her, but it really has changed everything!

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  1. Try having two! Our dogs are members of the family...I think Brennan thinks they are his brothers :-)