You Have No Power Over Me

(This wasn't intended to be part two to my previous blog...it just kind of happened that way)

I was re-reading my last blog post last week and realized that it made me sound a little down in the dumps (which was then confirmed by my wonderful momma calling to check on me -hee hee). That truly wasn't the purpose of the post - more just putting words to the stuff going on inside me. It's not always happy and good stuff, but stuff it is, nonetheless.

So, because I left the last blog on such a low note, i thought I would finish up the "tale of the lie (and the liar)" with a couple more uplifting thoughts.

For me, putting down what I'm feeling on paper is a release - it's a way to say, you know what, these things don't have the power over me. I know I am loved and adored and cherished -by my friends, my family, my husband and my Abba. I know I am worth everything, even worth dying for - and that's a humbling thought. I also know that, when it comes down to it, the liar has no power over me.

Do you remember the movie Labyrinth? It came out sometime in the 80s and starred Davide Bowie (and his tight pants and big hair) as Jareth and a very young Jennifer Connolly as Sarah. I won't go into the details of the movie, even though I do love it, except to draw the parallel to what I'm trying to say. At the end of the movie, Sarah is facing Jarreth and he is offering her everything she could ever want, at a price. While it is tempting to run away from her frustrations and problems and stay with him, she knows that she needs to face what scares her and frustrates her and deal with it, head on. She knows she needs to be open to love and to be loved by the people in her life.

In a moment of clarity, she is able to look at him and say, "... for my will is as strong as yours, and my kingdom is as great. You have no power over me."

That is exactly what I say to the liar when the lie gets the best of me.

For my will is as strong as yours...
I am stronger because of your lie, actually. I am more than what I ever thought I could be because I have survived and triumphed over you. I am able to love and be loved; to cherish and be cherished; to laugh and to smile and to enjoy my life.

...and my kingdom is as great...
All the world is mine to experience and enjoy. And, beyond this life, I have something more - a life waiting for me where I am the daughter of the King. And His kingdom is greater than everything else.

...You have no power over me.
I can make the choice - either the liar wins or I win. I choose to win. Because, in the end, the only power he has is the power I choose to give him. And I choose to give him nothing.

The end.

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  1. You have an amazing way with words...and a heart to go with it. Thanks for writing this blo entry. I, too, like the movie (not as much as my former roommate)and understand exactly what you said. For me, I've become such an open person (which I'm working on retracting a bit) that writing blogs and being real about where I am can get misunderstood. I think it's our vulnerability to be open that sometimes people don't understand. But I do, Em. And I'm so proud to know someone who is so real and so genuine in everything but I know clearly already "knows what it's all about" but isn't afraid to share the "human" moments. It's what connects us or helps us to connect to someone who is sharing the same thing and needs our help. It's an open door that God gives us to use to serve Him. Thanks for being that open door. It's a shining example of Him.