Falling Back

Those of us in most of Indiana have only recently begun observing Daylight Saving Time. It's been one of those things that 363 days a year I still totally forget about. It's only on those days that we have to spring forward (and lose an hour..yuck) or fall back (and gain an hour...yay!) that I really remember that it happens. Well, those two days and the following week when I run into watches and clocks that i haven't changed yet!

So why is this blog-worthy? It is probably not. However, it is a beautiful Monday afternoon at the beginning of November and I don't want to be at my desk anymore. I happened to look at one clock in my office and it said that it was 3:49, which means I could go home in an hour. Then I looked at another clock and it said 2:49, which means there is two more hours to go...and I so desperately wanted the first one to be right! Turns out, however, that it was just one that hadn't gotten around to being changed yet. Bummer.

In other news, it's November. This year has absolutely flown. I have enjoyed most of it, but wow, cannot believe that I'm working on the layout for the Christmas print piece and the Winter issue of the magazine already. Wow.

The rest of 2008 is going to be full of a lot of stuff - family time, friend time, and everything else. It'll be busy, but I'm already looking forward to it! What are you most looking forward to this time of year?

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