Where I've Been

So a few people (okay, two) have wondered why I haven't been blogging and where I've been. Hmmm...I've been. Here. Staring at the blank blog page and not really having a lot to say. I could come up with some great excuses for why I haven't been blogging, like...

* I forgot my password (but I didn't)
* I've been too busy (I'm busy, but not that busy)
* My computer died (but it's working great)
* I've spent too much time reading to blog (this one is kinda true)
* Facebook has taken over my life (hasn't it taken over yours?)
* TV has started again, and I'm spending time with all my friends that have been gone over the summer (and you are too, admit it)
* I don't have anything to say (which I do feel)

The reality is, however, that I have a lot to say, I just haven't gotten around to writing my actual blog entries. So, although only a couple people read this thing, I've decided to leave it to you! I have some topics in my head...and you get to pick which one I write about first.

Here are your choices (they're vague on purpose).
* My opinions on message boards and the dummies who write on them.
* How I feel about seeing one more political ad this year.
* My new friends, including Cindy, Jenna, Ramona, and more!
* Being married almost 2 years
* Suggest your own topic :)

(and knowing that Scott & Cindy will answer this...I can't wait to read what they say!)


  1. Of course I'd LOVE to hear about your friends. :) But the message board dummies have peaked my interest! :)

  2. My name made it onto your blog! Score! I'm proud to be your buddy, friend! :)