One Weekend Gone

Peace on Terror opened last weekend. I feel like I've been doing this show basically forever, so I was glad it finally opened. The shows went well - although 4 shows in 3 days was a physically exhausting experience for me. I'm used to high school theater where you rehearse for two+ months for one weekend of shows! I know professional actors do severals shows a week for many weekends on end, but that is also their job! Working full time and doing the show and trying to still see my husband and have a life is a lot of work.

We have three weekends left to go. I am excited, but also so ready for it to be done.

Audiences for the most part have been receptive to the show. It's hard when you do something so emotionally-charged and that carries so much issues and so much baggage with it. People's feelings get hurt and people don't always react the way they should to situations that are emotional and frustrating. For the most part, I have kept my personal feelings to myself, at least as much as I can. And, I will continue to do so for the run of the show. However, it's been rough sometimes to put a bunch of people with wildly different views in front of an audience and let them ask questions and say whatever they want/need to say. A definite learning experience!

So, if you're still interested in seeing the show, let me know. It's at the BPP this weekend and then we head to Indy for a couple weekends of shows (and way too much driving back and forth, forth and back).


  1. The Second Stage at the Theatre on the Square...not sure where that is, but i can try and find it :)