Improving the World

How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world. ~Anne Frank, Diary of a Young Girl, 1952

Just a few days ago Indiana was hit with some of he worst flooding in 100 years. There are communities completely wiped out and devastated. Everyone wants to do something, ANYTHING, to help, but finding out what to do is hard. On Sunday we issued a challenge. Bring water. Any water. It's cheap, it's not even really a sacrifice - and it will make a huge difference.

I am humbled about the way the church heard the cry for help and responded. By Sunday night, the doors were already full of water. By Monday we were moving water into Fellowship Hall. By Tuesday someone counted close to 700 cases (not including the ones already taken last week). Yesterday 250 cases went to Columbus. They were almost out of water and didn't know where more would come from. Today we sent another 250 cases to Paragon. And there is still more water coming in every day and more water to be sent out.

I know it seems ironic that in a flood people are so desperate for water. But it's the truth. I am so proud of our congregation and how they are stepping up in a hundred little ways - water, money, time...to make a difference in the lives of people who lost almost everything in the flood.

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  1. Anonymous6:14 PM

    I'm so glad you wrote about this, Emily. I feel the exact same way - Its so great to see how everyone has stepped up to help out with this simple need. How humbling.