The Race for the Cure

Another year, another amazing race. All week the weather people were predicting in climate weather for the race. As you can tell by the above overcast picture, they were actually right for once. It didn't rain a lot, but it did rain. About 1/2 an hour before the race started, it started raining pretty hard. Luckily, we were in the merchandise tent, and we were able to buy a couple clear ponchos to keep us a little warmer and drier.

Mom and I made our way to the race line and thought we were actually close to the front - until we looked in front of us and realized we were probably the farthest back we had ever been! (mom took some great pictures that I will post once I get them). We talked and wound our way through the crowd, keeping up a pretty good pace.

It's hard to describe the race until you've been part of it for awhile. It's hard to put to words the experience of having so many people all together for the same cause, even in the rain and cold. Mom and I managed to cry a little less this time around (until I showed her the "in celebration" flag I made for her at least).

The race course involves walking by the Indianapolis Zoo. The last several year they have had the elephants out with a pink ribbon on a blanket on their back. This year they added ribbons to the elephants ears and ribbons on the llamas and the miniature horse. It's fun to see the people at the zoo coming out early to celebrate with the Race for the Cure participants.

This is my mom and I. She's amazing. It's because of her I believe that attitude affects survival when it comes to cancer. She has endured this with such grace and dignity. I know she's been scared and I know she's thought about her own mortality, but still, she smiles and laughs and sets her mind to beating it...and that is why she does! This year she is a 3 and 1/2 year survivor (diagnosed at the very end of 2004). She's doing well, keeping her dr. appointments, and proudly wearing pink.

This weekend has become one of my very favorite weekends of the year. I love my mom and spending a weekend hanging out with her. She's awesome!

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