Racing Again

Mom and I signed up for the 2008 Komen Race for the Cure today! I love this weekend for many reasons - the Race is amazing. The experience of thousands of people all coming together to celebrate one thing is powerful. Celebrating being a survivor of breast cancer is a powerful thing, especially as a woman who has been touched by the disease on many different levels.

The other thing I love is spending the weekend with my mother. Just having one weekend a year for us is something that we've come to cherish - time to just hang out, laugh, reconnect, and do all that fun stuff. Spending time with mom is great!

This year mom and I are also volunteering the day before the race. We've wanted to help for a couple years, and are actually doing it this year. If you would like to help us raise support for Komen Indy and the race, please click here (to donate online). Even if you can't give money, please pray for the race, the people who participate, and the thousands of women who will face a breast cancer diagnosis this year!

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  1. It's so cool that you do this every year.