Patience Meter at Zero

Today, I am not so much in the liking people mood. Little things are annoying me to death. Honest mistakes are causing me all sorts of frustrations...and it's only a thursday. I am pretty sure I know why I am in such a bad mood, but that doesn't necessarily help anything. I hate waiting for phone calls and emails to be returned (even though I KNOW I am not the only one with problems happening today). I hate having to leave projects and assignements undone because I don't know how to correct them or what to do to make it work. Part of it is the learning curve of the new job - I am finally getting comfortable with the basics, but don't know what to do when crazy stuff happens. I KNOW the only way i'll figure it out is to work through the crazy stuff, but right now I'm feeling inferior and ... yeah, not sure what word to put there.

Other than that, I am feeling short on grace today, and am forcing myself to remember that I too made mistakes (and make them) and that nothing is so bad it can't be fixed - i just have to figure out how!

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