Lessons in Home Owning - Day One

So, Tim and I made the plunge this weekend - we are now homeowners! I decided that it would be fun to document the things i'm learning about having a house on my blog - so here are a couple things I've 'figured out' this weekend.

1. moving sucks.

No matter how exciting it is to be moving into a HOUSE instead of an apartment, no matter how beautiful our home is or how blessed I feel to be in it - moving still sucks. Boxes, carrying boxes, furniture, unloading, loading...it's no fun, but the rewards are worth it.

2. you can't explain every sound you hear.

As soon as Tim left this morning I was convinced there were people in the house somewhere. Noises everywhere, but soon I figured out what some of them were - birds landing on the roof of the garage. The rest? settling, squeaking, neighbors, who knows. If I analyze every sound I hear, I'll drive myself crazy.

3. being in two places at once is confusing.

while we did a good job of getting most of the essentials moved from the apartment to the house yesterday, i did notice some things missing that i 'needed' this morning.

So, there are the first few. What are some of your thoughts/experiences in home owning?


  1. You may think that moving sucks, but paying the mortgage is even worse. :)

    I'm so happy for you guys! There's nothing like the first home. We lived in the ghetto, but we didn't realize it. We thought we had the most delightful cottage ever. Only after going back into that town and neighborhood years later did we understand why my dad wanted us to add two deadbolts to the door. But we were happy. :) ENJOY it! Take a photo of the two of you outside the house!

  2. Cindy: I hope you aren't talking about our neighborhood?!!!

    Emily: Enjoy every minute of it. Don't wait for the moment it is "all set-up" to start enjoying it, because...honestly...that moment is placed in hot oatmeal! Best places to get cheap house-things? GOODWILL and TARGET CLEARANCE!