Long Time No Blog

I know I have been MIA from blogland for awhile now. Life has been moving forward full steam ahead and a pace, an extremely hectic pace, that I did not anticipate ever happening all at once. And, part of the reason I haven't been available in blogland is because so much of what was happening was 'unofficial' so i was hesitant to say too much. Some of it is more official now, so I think I can say something...

Long story short, I just got a pretty big promotion at work. I am now the Business Manager for the church. It's a pretty big jump for me, but I am VERY excited about the future and the new challenge...and VERY scared because it's a lot of responsibility. So, I've been trying to train before the old Business Manager left and then have spent this week trying to keep my head above water, painting my office, doing some work, painting my office, moving into the new space, painting my office...you get the picture. The walls aren't perfect, but I'm almost out of paint and I wanted to just get moved and be done already, so it's done. Without the overhead lights, you can't really tell, though, so I'm happy enough with it.

This week was a strange week, so I know next week will be a lot more difficult. There will be a lot more work and a lot more responsibility, and a lot more to learn. I have a pretty long list of things I need to ask the old guy about - how to decipher his code being one of those things! Hopefully we'll get to touch base next week.

In our personal world, things are still going crazy. My wonderful husband has been doing some more freelance video work. I am so proud of what he does and how he does it. It's amazing to see his dedication and the way he really works to improve his craft. I am a proud wife.

We are looking at making a pretty big change in our little world in the next few weeks. I am very excited about it, but won't post a lot here, because it's not official yet. most people who read this know what we're in the middle of doing (hint: it's a pretty big purchase) but if you don't and want to know before it's official, drop me an email!

And finally, once again I am asking for prayers for my mom. She is having a hysterectomy first thing Tuesday morning. Pray for her recovery and also that the abnormalities they are concerned about turn out to be nothing. I will keep you all posted!

so, my life in a nutshell - crazy - wonderful - amazing - blessed - but still crazy!


  1. Anonymous12:54 AM

    I am so excied that you've taken on this new job, Em. You definitely deserve it! :)

  2. Wow, Em! This is such great news! So proud of you. See you SOON!

  3. Yeah! I kept wanting to ask you how you were feeling about it all. And a big purchase?? Hmmm! I'm remembering our conversation at Wendy's... can't wait to hear. :)