On November 13, when Tim proposed, October seemed like a lifetime and a half away. Now, it's here!!! In just 19 days I'll be Mrs. Tim Bedwell!! That's insane to me. A good insane, but insane nonetheless. The to-do list is a bit overwhelming, but I'm just plugging along and hoping to get one thing done every day. Good grief. Maybe i should plan on getting 2 things done every day. I'm starting to think about packing for the honeymoon (so I don't accidentally move those clothes to the new apartment) and tonight I need to write thank-yous for the great shower I had on Friday. I need to call the cake lady with the final number, give the number to the caterer, figure out how many tables and what tablecloths...write the letters to my girls, do a bunch of other stuff...but, it'll all get done...it may take forever, but it will all get done!

In other news, the Jimmy Dean commercials with the sun and the cloud and the moon and all that kind of bother me. i'm not a big fan of people dressed up as random objects...whoppers, celestial bodies, food, etc...it's all kinda creepy to me.

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