15 Days!!! 15 Days!!!

In case you haven't looked at the top of the blog or done the math yourself, Tim and I are getting married in 15 days!

Somehow all the stuff that still needs to be done; programs that need printed, ribbon that needs tied, apartments that need cleaned...none of it seems to matter as much as this: in 15 days I will stand before God, family, and friends, and make a promise, a vow, to love, honor and cherish Tim for the rest of the time God gives me to live. Wow! That is the most amazing thing of all. That's what matters. I got the cutest card from my future mother-in-law this weekend. She reminded me to keep breathing and to focus on "saying your vows to Tim in front of preacher Tom. That's what we're really going for here." It's so true, though. The rest of it is just icing on the cake (the yummy beautiful wedding cake). No one will remember whether or not we personally signed all the favors. No one will remember if the bow fell off their bottle of coca-cola or if some of the curl falls out of my hair. No one will remember missed notes or imperfect anything. they will remember our vow and our promise to love and be loved for as long as we both shall live.

I'm getting married in 15 days! And I cannot WAIT!!!


  1. You are so right, Emily. I've found myself worrying so much about the details. I really want to just relax and focus on the heart of the thing, which is becoming Stan's wife! His wife! Wow! In 15 days, you and I will be someone's wife! That's awesome!

  2. nicole, it's so awesome! I've waited for this moment for so long, as have you. God is soo good to bless us with such amazing men who came along in strange and wonderful ways right when we needed them!