Ups and Downs

yesterday was a rollercoaster of emotion for me. The day started with an UP.

Tim gave me the above Charming Tails figurine as a "Happy Football Season" present. it's the cutest thing ever. I love the start of football, in a lot of ways, because of how much he loves it. Watching him get excited gets me excited, as well! It's adorable! And, i love being able to add this Charming Tails to my collection! He will proudly sit on the entertainment center during every football game we watch!

Then the day had a down. The mechanic called. He said it would be $470 to get my car fixed. On top of the $535 I paid to get something different fixed just two weeks ago. that was a big enough downer to reduce me to tears and ruin the rest of the work day.


...I went home when Tim left work and there was a package in the door. I thought it was the replacement Ipod parts I ordered...No, it was a wedding present. And not just any wedding present! It was a present from one of my favorite BlogBuddies--Meagan! How exciting is that? Meagan and I have never met (that whole Indiana to Oregon thing) but she still thought to buy us a wedding present. It was the above--the Vh-1 I love the 80s Board Game! It was wonderful and unexpected and TOTALLY made me happy again. Thanks Meagan! Tim is awfully excited, too!

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  1. Two ups and One down. That is still an okay rollercoaster. Cars are stupid. I have cried over car costs and repairs too.

    Yay for the 80s!!!! I just love it that that game was on your registry. Of course I HAD to buy it for you!

    love meagan