81 Days...

Tim and I are getting married in 81 days! How insane is that? We gave ourselves just under a year to plan the wedding, and here it is under 3 months away! Things are going really well. The invitations are finished, with the exception of a few that we still need to find the addresses for, I just spoke to the lady that is doing all the bouquets and she's hard at work, and I called the cake lady and told her about the reception location change. So, things are quickly getting crossed off the list. Tim and I are buying our wedding bands this weekend, too.

Yesterday we celebrated the three year anniversary of our first date. While it is amazing to me that it has been three years already, I am even more amazed that I get to spend the rest of my life with Tim, loving him and looking toward the future together. I know that God has great things in store for our lives, and I'm excited to see how everything plays out. I am also excited just to take it a day at a time, try not to plan too much into the future, and allow God to mold and shape us into what He desires us to be, both as a couple and individually.

It was a wonderful, low-key day yesterday, which was much needed. I remember our first date, the first time we held hands, our first kiss, saying I love you, the first time I felt completely safe in his arms, when I knew I wanted to be his forever...and everything in between. It has been a great three years or learning about each other, loving each other, and growing together. I look forward to continuing to do so for the rest of our lives.

My prayer for our relationship is that God continues to reveal Himself and His plan for our lives to us. That God is patient and kind to us as we learn to live and love together forever. That God keeps us flexible enough that we are willing to change and be changed because of our commitment to each other and to Him. That we will continue to love each other through everything, knowing that God is going to do a great work in our lives.

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