72 Days...Have I Mentioned Time is Flying?

I think this is the first post I've done using the new internet access in our apartment. Yes, I just said our apartment, even though I don't get to live there for another 72 days. It feels more like home than my apartment lately, which would be obvious to anyone who actually was IN my apartment any time in the last several weeks. I used to pride myself on being a good housekeeper and keeping my home in fairly clean condition. However, I am now finding myself looking around at the mess and wondering when I'll be there long enough to actually clean it up. Hopefully that will be on the agenda sometime this weekend.

72 short days until I'm married. 72 days until I don't have to say goodbye when I say goodnight. 72 days until I get to be Mrs. Emily Bedwell forever. Yay! Can you tell I'm a little excited? Excited probably isn't even the right word anymore. Giddy is a good one. Glowing? Check.

Tim and I purchased our wedding bands this weekend. How fun! It was almost surreal, but in a good way. I loved picking them out, putting it on, and even paying for it. Another big step closer, that's for sure. The dress fitting is this weekend. it stresses me out a little. i haven't actually pulled my dress out of it's bag since I bought it, so the idea of trying it on is a little surreal. But, it should help in the whole weight loss thing. I was running late this morning, so I didn't have time to jump on the scale. I will do that tomorrow. Thinking about the dress fitting makes my stomach hurt, I'll be honest, so I probably won't be eating a whole lot between now and then!

In the world of freelance writing, I actually got two jobs this week. One is to review a book and the other is to write some keyword articles. All told, it should be a decent amount of money, which is exciting. A girl I used to work with recently reminded me that I have a gift with my writing that I shouldn't give up just because I'm busy. I'm hoping that her words will continue to echo in my heart and give me the time and energy to invest in what I most want to do-write.

Here's my favorite Billy Joel quote of the day: "Does it touch you when the rain begins to fall?"

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  1. Reading your blogs make me feel sooooo nostalgic for the days leading up to my wedding. So many similarities, including Tim moving into the apartment first. Mike did that. It was a hard 2 months after he moved in and I was still living elsewhere! But worth it, I guess.

    I had something else to say but now have been staring at the screen for two minutes and can't remember. Grrr! Oh well.

    love meagan