Losing my mind...

Well, it's happened. I've started dreaming, on a regular basis, about either the wedding or the travel to Jamaica or the honeymoon or something else. There is no real catastrophe in the dreams (well, last night one of the walls in our hotel room didn't exist and our IT guy was there with his wife), but it's starting to stress me out a little. It's like all the things I don't really think about too often are now coming to the surface all at once. So, I haven't been getting the most restful sleep imaginable.

And now, I seem to have misplaced my jump drive. Which isn't a HUGE catastrophe, except it was 50 bucks and had the most updated wedding guest list and all that stuff on it. I'm SURE it will turn up somewhere...just where is the question right now. I remember having it Thursday, which was the day I did some shopping for stuff for Paul and Abigail. I think I had it Friday, when I stopped to get the pictures that I had developed and went home. So, either it's in a bag of stuff somewhere, or...who knows. I hate losing stuff, that's for sure. I was convinced it was in the bottom of my purse, which turned out not to be the case at all. Grr. The problem is, until I find it, I will become almost obsessed with where it could be. I guess that means there will be some going through garbage and serious cleaning...always a good time!

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