Daylight Saving Time & Other Random Thoughts

(above: Malahide Castle, Malahide, Ireland)

Changing the clocks for the first time in my life was fine. No big deal, really. But, I'm still getting used to this whole it still being light at 8:30 at night and it back to being dark when I wake up thing. Overall, though, it's not been a big deal.

I cannot believe we've been back from Ireland for over a week now. It's gone so fast, much like the trip did. Seeing Paul & Abigail and everyone was great. Hanging out with them and seeing their life now was fun. Spending a week with Tim on vacation was amazing. We did so much in such a short amount of time. Dublin is a cool place with lots to see and do and I'm looking forward to going back sometime, with my mom, with my friends, with my soon-to-be husband...it will be great!

A dear friend is getting married in August. It's fast, but I'm very excited for her. It's going to be a big change in her life, both the marriage and then becoming a full time missionary, but God has been working on her and grooming her for this her entire life, so it will be great! This is, apparently, the year for marriages!!

I'm back to dieting. I've realized how easy it would be to get an eating disorder--being sick with a flu-like bug for a day and realizing you can live with little more than toast and water does that--but I also know that I like food too much for it to be a problem.

I auditioned for the MCCT Production of Twelfth Night last night. It was fun and a much better experience than my last audition. I would really like a part, but am trying my hardest not to get my hopes up. However, with Jason out for six weeks and Tim getting really busy, it would come at a good time. We'll see. Hopefully he'll be able to do auditions tonight, despite the sometimes rainy weather, and then he'll be able to cast.

You should pop over to my friend Kellie's blog and read her entry about tofu. It made me laugh really hard. Who knew it was a pet?!?!

Life is good. Easter is next weekend. The Komen Foundation Race for the Cure is the weekend after that, and then I'm hanging out with my beautiful bridesmaids so we can order their dresses and have a good time the weekend after that. I pretty much have the next 4 weekends (not including this one) booked. Nothing like keeping busy, right? It's six months and 2 weeks until we get married...I have a feeling it's going to simply fly by!


  1. I guess I hadn't realized that you and Tim went to Ireland together. That's special. Just think: the next time you two go on a major trip together will probably be your honeymoon!!!

    love meagan

  2. "...Changing the clocks for the first time in my life..."

    Huh? Daylight savings time is twice a year... or is it different in Indiana? I thought it was the same everywhere.

    love meagan

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