Out of Touch

It seems strange to have gone so long without blogging. I was at home Wednesday-Sunday last week, and the dial up connection that is touchy at best doesn't really allow for much time spent in blogland. I did, however, realize something when I was home. I miss my blogfriends when I don't get to catch up with their lives for a few days. It's funny how people you don't even know in real life suddenly become important to you. Have they seen that movie everyone is talking about (in our case, RENT)? How was their thanksgiving? Are they gearing up for the holiday season? What is going on in their worlds?

Anyway, since it feels like, even to me, that it's been an eon since I've blogged, this could be a bit sporadic...and long.

Take a deep breath and begin!

There is something that I just don't understand about myself. I've lived in Indiana since I was four. I've lived most of that time in northern Indiana, land of the leftover lake effect snow and the guaranteed at least 5 snow days a year. I learned to drive in the snow in a 1984 Renault Eagle that was barely being held together by buttons and luck. But it doesn't matter now. I hate to drive in snow. I don't mind the whole white christmas thing, as long as it's white after I get to my destination. On the way there, it's not nearly as exciting. :) The day I went home for thanksgiving, my hometown was under a winter storm warning. In November. It's been awhile since that happened. I've been reading Katie's blog about the current weather situation in Alaska and I think I'd die. I love the sun. I love seeing the sun and feeling the sun and watching the sun. Choosing to live in a place that is dark and cold and covered in snow several months out of the year has no appeal to me...but those summers of endless light I could probably handle! It's getting seriously bad. In the spring, I can be up and out the door well before 8. Once it gets dark, it's hard to get up with the sun still in hiding. I just want to keep on sleeping. I've been oversleeping by about 40 minutes consistently. That's definitely not a good thing!

What else? I saw RENT. I'll write more about it soon. Too much to put here, I think.

Going home was great. Spending time with my mom is always good. We have a lot of fun and laugh a lot. We went and tried on wedding dresses (okay, I did most of the trying on!) on Saturday. It was hilarious. We always have adventures when we try and shop for clothes and heavy wedding dresses are definitely funnier than most. It's a good thing she was there! I love her so much. She's so happy for us and so excited. She never got the big wedding, so she wants to make sure mine is special and just what I've dreamed it will be. Which I already know will be the case. I really wish they weren't 3.5 hours north. I know it's not far and many people are farther away than that, but still. I wish they were closer. I'm very close to my family, especially my mom.

Getting back into the groove of work has been hard this week. I'd still rather be at home. I'm getting most of my Christmas shopping done, though, which is good. I'll be glad when it's done. I'm doing a little more online than I usually do, but that's where I'm finding the best deals. So there we go. I did get cards and wrapping paper and I'm thinking I'll probably get the tree out tomorrow. I have to move the entertainment center still. I moved the fish tank (and cleaned it!) on Monday. Woo-hoo. Rearranging is always fun!

I'm going to audition for the Monroe County Civic Theater production of Sleeping Beauty this evening. Makes me nervous. I haven't actually auditioned in a long time, but it's just a cold read from the script, so at least I don't feel like I could prepare anymore than I have--which is more mental than anything. I think today I'll whip up a theater resume, just so they see I have some experience in these things. I'll let you know how it goes!


  1. Anonymous10:28 AM

    Break a leg with your audition.

  2. Welcome home!

    Auditioning?!? I'm so excited to hear about that! I love auditions.