Roller Coasters and Ferris Wheels

If my life would slow down a little bit, I would get around to updating my blog. However, that's not going to happen anytime soon, so you readers will just have to be patient with me (all four of you!). I guess if I had internet at home that would help, too...anyway...

Saturday Tim and I went to Kentucky Kingdom. It was FANTASTIC. Apparently on toward the end of the season, on an overcast yet beautiful day, while there is a University of Louisville football game going on is just about the perfect time to go to Kentucky Kingdom. We didn't wait in line really for anything. We waited in one line, but that was just because we wanted the front row for the suspended coaster.

If I haven't said it before, I love roller coasters. I think they're fantastic. They scare me and make me laugh all at the same time. They're great. I love going to amusement parks and wish I could go to a lot more a lot more than I do. I used to go to Cedar Point a lot. I'm hoping to get there again next year. It is, after all, the world's "Roller Coast." The first coaster I rode was the Iron Dragon right there at Cedar Point. So, yay roller coasters!

However, I really dislike Ferris Wheels. I think it's a height vulnerability issue or something. It makes me crazy. I think the thing with roller coasters is that I don't really like heights there, either...but it's fast and I can get over it and just laugh a lot. When the wheel stops at the top as they're letting people on below...it makes me want to cry, it really does.

Other than that, it's just been a busy week of trying to get things done and stay ahead of the game. We'll see how it works.

It seems there is another season of changing blowing in...it makes me sad. There's been too much change. I'm ready for stability. It makes me anxious about the future, and i hate that. I know I should just be patient and wait, but when things start changing around me, it's so hard...


  1. roller coasters are great...though the older I get...it seems headaches follow...

  2. Hi emily!

    Are you including me in that "all four of you" who read your blog? I hope so, because I still do! It's sad though, because I comment but then you never comment on my comments so then I think that you might not have received my comments (except that I see them there on your blog when I check in) or that you don't like my comments and/or don't want to talk to me and then it's sadness for me.

    How's that for a run-on sentence? Probably makes the writer in you crazy! Sorry :-)

    love meagan

  3. Meagan! Yes, I read your comments and they usually make me laugh :) And I still read your blog all the time. In fact, I spent about an hour of my afternoon yesterday playing 20 questions :) it was great! I only beat it once, but it was mad because i describe a battery differently than it does, apparently :) Yes, you're included in the four people - you, lizzy, jenny, and Tim. i'm pretty sure that's about it!

  4. Anonymous2:53 PM

    You and i are so alike. Kyle couldn't understand how i love roller coasters so much but when we got on the ferris wheel at cedar point i just had my head between my legs the whole time. I was terrified.

  5. i rode the ferris wheel at Kentucky Kingdom with Tim because he really wanted me to. I tried to be calm, but inside i was on the verge of throwing up the whole time. YUCK!

  6. Thanks for replying! :-D