Abstain from Fornication

I hate cheesy church signs. I always said that if you HAVE to put something on the sign, use scripture. Scripture is always going to be a better option than something asinine out of a little quote book. And then Tim and I saw the title of this blog, with the scriptural reference, on a church sign on 2nd street. First, it just cracked me up. I know that abstinence isn't probably preached as much as it should be, especially in an ultra-liberal place like Bloomington, but I definitely think that "abstain from fornication" on a church sign is probably not going to send the right message or do anything other than reinforce ridiculous stereotypes about the Church global. GRRRR cheesy church signs.

In other news, it was the fourth of July weekend, which means an extra day off from work. I like having the day off, but had zero motivation to get up and get going this morning. What I really wanted to do was sleep in forever. We went to the Bloomington Fireworks last night. I love fireworks. I love the lights and watching them light up the sky. It makes me feel like a little kid again. Watching them with Tim was great, but nothing compares to watching fireworks with my mom. We'll "ooohhh" and "aaaahhh" like we're children again, just for the fun of it. There is something about small-town Indiana fireworks shows that are different than bigger city shows, too. First of all, everyone knows you. You put your blanket down, but then you wander from person to person saying hello and laughing at little kids running around with sparklers. It's just different. But, last night was really fun and something I love.

I leave for Myrtle Beach in just a couple weeks. While I'm not excited about leaving Tim here, I am excited to get away from work and "stuff" and just hang out at the beach for awhile. The only thing I'm really NOT looking forward to is the 13+ hour drive there and back and trying to figure out where I'm going to park my car while I'm gone. At least the new Harry Potter will be out by then. YAY!

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