Random Thoughts

There seems to be a lot I think about writing on this blog lately, but when it comes time to write, I don't know what to say and what to keep more personal. Anyway, here are some thoughts I've had as of late, in no particular order. Some are funny, some are serious, all are real...

  • I went to the dr yesterday for a rash on my legs. she gave me all sorts of oitments and stuff like that to help get rid of it. Her directions for the stuff i'm supposed to put on before I go to bed...put on the ointment and then wrap the infected part of my legs in saran wrap. Right...so, I hate the itchy legs so I did it. As I was wrapping my calves in saran wrap, I had the thought that I was marinating myself overnight to cook the next day. It was extremely funny to me at 11 last night, but no one was around to laugh!
  • Even though I was running late this morning, I finally took the time to paint my nails. They're reasonably long and healthy, so I figured now was as good of time as ever. So, my nails are a bubble-gum pink to match my here comes spring attitude.
  • My dear and lovely friend Liz is happy and falling in love with a great guy (at least from what I know about him never having met him...yet!) She's excited and bubbly and trying really hard to not start planning the wedding, even though they're both pretty sure this is it for both of them. I'm really excited for her and to see her happy. I love everything she's experiencing, and am learning a lot from her about how all relationships are different. She's in the midst of something magical, and that is very exciting. It will be fun seeing where this is headed and where she is in three months, six months, or a year.
  • I went to see Hairspray last Saturday (again, thanks to Liz and her super cool job). It was a lot of fun, and made me feel okay about not being stick-thin (or any other version of thin) for awhile. It's just a fun musical about a girl who refuses to be anything but who she is, which is a great little message in the middle of an upbeat and fun musical. If the tour is coming anywhere near you, I'd highly suggest you see it.
  • I get more junk email in my work account than anywhere else. I'm not sure why, but I'm tired of it!
  • I'm still struggling with wanting to know and plan everything right now. It's not that I'm unsettled or anxious; it's more that I'm just excited about the possibilities in the future and want them to begin right away. I have a feeling God is trying to teach me something about patience. I have a feeling this is a lesson I'm never quite going to learn. I used to be pretty good at the one day at a time thing, but lately it's been a lot harder for me to do. I wish I knew why!

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