Dynamic Dreams

I had a really strange dream last night. That in itself is nothing surprising. I always have dreams that are a little off, but last night was pretty amazing. For those of you who don't know, I grew up in a big old house. We're talking pushing 150 years old at this point. It was built as a poor farm, has since been changed into five apartments, there are jail cells in the basement...it's really quite an adventure to experience my house, that's for sure. :) Anyway, I often dream of my house because there are so many nooks and crannies to get lost in, so it ends up the setting of some pretty strange dreams...

Last night I had a dream that involved my house, and two mice that spoke in alliteration the whole time. There was the necessary bad guys (one of whom was either a midget or small child). The mice had special powers, so that is always good. They could control electricity and could manipulate the air to do things like hold them up for a long time. Anyway, I had a dream that was pretty vivid that involved all like 10 characters speaking only in two or three word alliteration the whole time. After one of the mice faked his own death, they captured the bad guys and put them in a cell in the basement of my house. Except the one mouse had to get out his Mr. Potato Head reading glasses in order to make the forcefield around the jail. Like I said, it was odd!!! Oh yeah, and the bad guys had to wear these special buttons on their colors that lit up red when one of the mice or the friends of the mice (maybe one of them was me as a child? She looked vaguely familar) touched them. Only the 'fingerprints' of those people could lock and unlock the red button, which is what made the mice able to control them...

So yeah, that was my dream. Any dream analysis book out there that can define that and tell me what it means? I highly doubt it. I think my dreams are just my inner creative child having fun. However, I woke up completely exhausted because apparently dreaming in alliteration for long periods of time makes the mind tired. Who would have thoughts? But, I also woke up in a fantastic mood because I immediately started laughing at my dream and how crazy it was.

So, that was the one dream I remember from last night. I wish I had more of the details fresh in my mind right now...I think I need to start keeping a dream diary again.

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