D is for Daring

D is for Daring....

....which I am most decidedly not. I love the idea of diving headlong into the world, but I am way more a play it safe, be responsible, plan everything kind of gal. But, there is something in my heart that still loves those that are willing to dare  - to dare to dream - to dare to accomplish - to dare to be something more than what they are!

I have taken a few big risks in my life, and there have been successes and failures. But I'm always proud of the moments when I dared to do it!

What do you need a little shove to dare to do? Write a book? Risk a relationship? Change careers?

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  1. I want to be daring and take a step but it's not always easy. Especially stepping out of the comfort zone. BTW- my parents live in Spencer and I grew up in Terre Haute! :) Will be back to check your blog out!